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Protect Your Songs from Being Stolen

Songuard gives you proof of the date of creation in the same way a US Copyright does, for a
fraction of the cost!

Get a FREE Account and 1 Song Registration

Only $3.95 per song thereafter

It has never been more important to protect your songs than it is today.  When you post your songs on the Internet or send them out to producers, managers, record companies or artists, millions of people have access to them.  You are taking a chance that someone may take your melodic or lyrical ideas and treat them as their own.   If you register your song with Songuard before you release it to the public, you will have proof and verification of the date of creation, which is essential evidence in the event of an infringement.

Here’s how it works

  • You upload the melody, lyric and writer information.

  • Your submission receives a date and time stamp along with an encrypted digital signature.

  • You will receive an email confirming that your song was registered.

  • Your submission will be permanently stored on our secure servers.

  • Your song is now protected and your submission can be used to prove date of creation.

  • Songuard does not review the content that is registered.