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Why is it important to protect your songs?

Grammy award winning hit songwriter Barry DeVorzon and his company MasterWriter, the leading software for songwriters, have created a much needed service for songwriters named Songuard. Songuard is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your songs.

When you post your songs on the internet or send them to artists, producers, labels, and publishers, millions of people have access to them. This includes the people who are currently making the music. This exposure puts a songwriter at great risk that someone may steal or use a part of their song, and claim it as their own. If this happens and your song is not protected there is nothing you can do.

 This is why it is so important to protect your songs. In the past it would have been unthinkable to release a song to the public that was not copyrighted. Today it’s more common than not. You wouldn’t leave your  wallet or cell phone in an unlocked car, so why would you release your songs to the public if they are not protected?

In the past the only way to protect your songs was a US Copyright. In doing so you received proof of the date of creation plus other statutory advantages. Today, if you can afford it, it is still something we would recommend. However, if you can’t afford it, there is a less expensive option to protect your songs thanks to today’s technology. When you register your song with Songuard you will receive impeccable proof of the date of creation which is the  essential evidence you will need, in the event of an infringement.

A songwriter’s worst nightmare would be to wake up and hear a hit song by someone else using their melody or lyric and claiming it as their own.

 Why take a chance?  A hit song can change your life.